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What is The North Star?
Founded by Frederick Douglass in 1847, The North Star was one of the most important liberation newspapers of its day, guiding the compass of all who read it towards the north star of liberation. 172 years after it was first established, with the permission and blessing of Frederick Douglass’ family, we have relaunched The North Star as a modern media enterprise: a comprehensive, subscription-based media company publishing untold and overlooked stories, delivered by the most skilled and passionate voices.
Why are you relaunching The North Star?
Our mission and focus remain the same and Frederick Douglas and Dr. Martin Delany: we are unapologetic freedom fighters. Without hesitation, we speak the truth from our perspective. We will amplify voices of people that are seldom heard in mainstream media and elevate the stories that are often overlooked.
Okay, but what *IS* The North Star?
The North Star is a grassroots media company meaning…

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