Episode 6: White Privilege is Murdering 9 People and Having All of the Charges Dropped

Shaun King SAVE THIS

It’s Friday, April 5 th and today I have one primary story to share with you. Parents, and adults that might be around children, please be advised that we will have some explicit language in this episode, just during the introduction, but right after that, I promise you the rest of the episode is clean. Every now and then some news comes across my desk, and I have to do a double take, maybe even a triple take, to make sure that I am fully understanding what I just saw. Today is one of those days. Buckle up. It’s about to get crazy. This is Shaun King and you are listening to (THE BREAKDOWN)


Did you hear what I said a second ago? When I said we are about to have some explicit language? The language is coming from me. Because what I am about to share with you…

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  • renatehartman

    I really don’t know what to say. I heard you Shaun but I still don’t want to believe it. I do believe but I am speechless.

    These are things that we whites must hear.

  • tinahyde1

    Crazy, indeed. Unbelievable. What was the reason given for not charging anyone with these murders??

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