Episode 10: White domestic terrorist arrested for burning down Black churches

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It’s Thursday, April 11th and on today’s episode I’m going to tell you three breaking stories that just emerged early this morning. In fact, our team had already recorded and produced a completely different episode for today, but decided that we needed to go in an altogether different direction. Early this morning a white supremacist was arrested for burning down three churches in Louisiana, the President of Sudan stepped down after three straight months of nationwide protests, and 14 senators just co-sponsored what I think is one of the most important pieces of legislation that has been introduced in our lifetime.

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When I hear people say that the United States was founded on the noble principles of freedom and liberty, I immediately know that they are delusional. The founding of this nation was rooted in…

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  • renatehartman

    Medicare for all is not the placebo we might think. Medicare is expensive. Its members need substantial secondary insurance to cover costs.

    First steps, better steps, would be to make all government healthcare competitive on price. That includes drugs. Second, control what are becoming hospital and pharmacy controlled conglomerates.

    Tell us about these Shaun.

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