Episode 5: When the Democratic Party Supports White Male Power

Shaun King SAVE THIS

(Transcript, web links & credits below)

It’s Thursday, April 4 th and today I have a story to tell you about an egregious abuse of power. No, it’s not from Donald Trump, while those stories are indeed plentiful, they are already being
widely told. This story is about a horrible new policy from the Democratic Party designed to keep candidates of color from challenging powerful white male incumbents in Congress – which
is exactly what Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley each did in 2018. I’m going to unpack this new policy and for the very first time I’m going to give us all a few action steps we can take right away. I’m here to skip past the BS and tell you what you need to hear with the color, nuance, context, and passion that our news deserves. Every day I hope to tell you the stories that simply aren’t being told anywhere else. This is Shaun King…

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  • Brandonrwill

    I agree, the DCCC is terrible and their focus is to stop progressives from entering the party. If you are in a safe district similar to AOC in Bronx New York, it is Democratic territory so the seat should be openly challenged. I would even go as far as to say any district should be open to challenge and not be threatened with a loss of funding. It should be about what is best for the people and a battle of ideas. Rewriting rules to suppress change is the wrong way to go about things.
    I will also say that I dislike the title of the episode because the DCCC focus is not entirely on building up white men. We focus too much on identity politics sometimes and the focus on sex/race takes away from the greater message. A message that says the DCCC is trying to suppress change and we should not support them financially and donate our dollars directly to candidates. I am not trying to lecture, there is a time for sex/race but this was not it. Keep up the great work and I hope you have a great guest on in the future. I would love to hear from Niel Degrasse Tyson, Sandy Darity, Nina Turner, Killer Mike, Marc Lamont, and so on. Long dialogue is needed in our community.

  • edit622

    Thank you for offering clear and simple steps we can take!

  • Historify

    This is infuriating! The dems blew 2016 with their shenanigans. Apparently they haven’t learned anything. So disappointing. I’m not sure I/ we can survive another four years of 45. 🙁

  • renatehartman

    Thank you for what you recommend. I have done it and it does work!

  • JammalForney

    Sounds like the two steps of Hip-Hop. Hip is the knowledge, Hop is the movement. I look forward to the future podcasts!

  • Adeel Usman

    Keep up the Great work Shaun! We need to broadcast these messages in meme and gif to get traction.

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