Episode 13: Police Brutality is Legal – Part 2

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It’s Tuesday, April 16th and if you are listening to this without listening to yesterday’s episode, I’d encourage you to stop now, and begin with yesterday’s episode on Tennessee v. Garner.

Because today is second part of a three part series where I am explaining why the most brutal, most egregious police officers continue to get away with their brutality. And in order for today’s episode to really hit home, I need you to learn the lessons from yesterday first, OK? So if you haven’t heard yesterday’s episode, stop now, and go back.

For those of you who heard the episode on Tennssee v. Garner, let’s continue. Today I am going to unpack what may be the most important Supreme Court case that is protecting brutal police officers from being ever held accountable. It’s Graham v Connor. Stick with me, I need you to understand these laws,…

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