Episode 15 – Mysonne, Singing at the Register, and Beyonce’s New Projects

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Hey Everybody. It’s Thursday, April 18th and on today’s episode I’ve got nothing but good news for you! You all loved our good news episode SO much last week that I’ve pledged to do at least one episode per week of nothing but good news. I can’t promise you that it’ll be on the same day every week, but I will make it happen at least once a week, ok? Today I want to tell you about some beautiful work that went down in New York led by the rapper and civil rights leader Mysonne, I also want to introduce you to an amazing sister named Erika Kayne, and I have to squeeze in some thoughts on Beyoncé’s new 40 song album and Netflix special called Homecoming.

Listen, while everybody else talks non-stop about Trump and the Mueller Report, we’re going in a different direction.

This is…

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