Episode 18 – #JusticeForLucca

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Hey Everybody! It’s Thursday, April 25th, and today I want to take some time to unpack the horrible case of police brutality against an unarmed, non-violent 15-year-old boy from Broward County, Florida, named Lucca Rolle. As you may have seen, students filmed videos of this encounter that quickly went viral. Lucca’s a sweet kid, but in an instant, he was brutalized more by local police than most mass murderers — including heavily armed mass murderers right there in Broward County.

Today I’ll tell you about this case, shed some light on some important documents I’ve obtained, give us some insight into what’s likely going to happen next, and then we’ll move to some action steps that we can take together. We’re not just here to change the news, we’re here to change the world.

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Coral Springs,…

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  • judith.evind

    Not sure if this is where to put this comment, but too complicated to write on Instagram.
    So, called and emailed States Attorney Satz. Secretary said they are not keeping track of the number of calls they are getting, but she said they have gotten tons, overwhelmingly in favor of charging the criminals (LeCerra and Krickovich). Woman was pretty nice about it.
    In email to Satz I said to charge the criminals but also to count the emails and calls and publish the number.
    Called Internal Affairs to make a complaint, they took my contact info. You don’t get a receipt # (as you would if you went to your local PD I think). Woman was very nice.
    Will now write to the sheriff.
    In such situations it might be worthwhile to ask the offices/institutions how many calls they are getting. This may be a way of getting offices/institutions to start keeping track if they know people will ask for the numbers. (I work in Research – data is everything.)
    God bless The North Star.

  • miyokotsume

    Sent an email and called this morning. I will call after work, too.

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