Episode 78 – Jay-Z was wrong

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As you may have seen or heard, the NFL just announced a wide-ranging partnership with Jay-Z and his company, Roc Nation, mainly to promote music, but also to promote social justice work. Today I’m going to be open, raw, and honest about how I feel about this deal.

Let’s dig in.

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Now I told you that I was just going to say how I really feel about this. And listen, feel free to disagree.

I’m deeply disappointed in Jay-Z.

I’m deeply disappointed that he formed this partnership with the NFL.

I’m deeply disappointed to learn that he has been privately negotiating this partnership for over a year without ever mentioning a word of it to Colin Kaepernick, even though they spoke countless times.

I’m deeply disappointed at several things Jay-Z said in his press conference with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell yesterday.


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