Episode 76 – Are you racist?

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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Are you a racist? A slightly different way for me to ask the question is, “are you racist?” I know that’s an uncomfortable question and my best guess is that if you are listening to this podcast, that your answer is probably “no.” That you’re not a racist. But for the next few minutes, I want you to suspend what you think you know about racism and let me guide you down a path to a better definition of what racism is and isn’t.

And then we’re going to explore a brilliant new book by my friend and brother Dr. Ibram Kendi. It’s out today in bookstores everywhere, and it’s called “How to be an Antiracist.”

Let’s dig in.

This is Shaun King and you are listening to (The Breakdown)!


When I was in college, all the way back in the stone ages in 1997, I had a brother…

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