Episode 69 -10-year-old Charged with Felony Assault for Dodgeball

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Did you hear about this case where police charged a 10-year-old boy with felony assault after another child got hit in the face with a ball during a game of dodgeball? Of course, you can easily guess the race of who threw the ball and the race of who got hit with it.

Today, I’m working with the attorneys for the young boy who was charged with a crime, and we have an action step for us to take together.

Let’s dig in.

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On April 30, during recess at Erikkson Elementary School in Canton, Michigan, which is about 20 minutes outside of Detroit, kids played dodgeball.

I wasn’t sure if kids still played dodgeball, but my own kids have been in camps this summer here in Brooklyn where they played it everyday. It’s still a thing. And while kids…

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  • jouettimlisa

    Trying to call the District Attorney (313) 224-5777 and my call will not go through. Thoughts?

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