Episode 65 – You Stupid N***ers: How We Must Approach Racism in 2019 and Beyond

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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Did you see the video from the restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina where a racist white woman named Nancy Goodman walks right up to two young black customers and calls them “stupid n—?”

The next day, when she was confronted about it by the local media, she not only refused to apologize, but said she’d say it again and was glad she said it the first time.

Today, I’m not so much going to examine this incident, but I’m going to push back on one popular response that I’ve seen not just to Nancy Goodman, but to Trump and the rise of public bigotry and racism in the United States.

The response is this — and maybe you’ve said it before yourself — it’s some version of this, “At least now we know where they stand.”

I know what you mean when you say this, but let me teach…

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