Episode 58 – About Trump’s Most Racist Tweets

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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Hey, everybody! After a short summer break, we’re back and ready to roll, and we’re so glad to have each and every one of you with us, right here, right now.

I had a beautiful plan for today’s episode that is very different than what we are about to do. But yesterday, at 8:27AM in the morning, the President of the United States literally logged on to Twitter, targeted four young women of color in the United States Congress, and told them to go back home to the countries they come from and said that for him, they “can’t leave fast enough.”

Never mind that all four of them are American citizens who were elected to office by resounding majorities. Never mind that three of them were actually born right here in the United States, and the other was just a little girl when her family arrived…

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