Episode 55 – Join Us!

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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When we decided to rebuild and relaunch The North Star, which was an abolitionist newspaper that started all the way back in 1847, it wasn’t because we thought the world needed another website or another podcast, we started it because we knew that this age, this time, this era that we are living in, needed a platform and a community that was wholly and completely focused on freedom and liberation, completely focused on the abolition of unjust systems that keep people in bondage. And that’s what we’re all about! That’s what this podcast is all about.

I like to say it like this — we aren’t just here to change the news. Now, we are here to change the news, to change how you hear it, to change the color, the nuance, the energy, the passion. We are here to change the news, but…

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