Episode 53 – Let’s Pass a Law Together!

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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If you are listening to this podcast, there is a high likelihood that you hate mass incarceration and that you love equality, human rights, and civil rights.

You’ve probably heard me say this before, but when it comes to confronting injustice in the world, when it comes to tearing down the old systems and building new ones, we’re more outraged than we are organized. Well, today I’m gonna help organize us, okay?

We’re going to help pass a law together and we have until Wednesday to do it.

Let’s dig in.

This is Shaun King and you are listening to (The Breakdown)!


Every year in the United States, people cycle in and out of jails and prisons over 10 million times. What we’ve all come to know and understand is that this system is not broken, it’s functioning exactly as it was built, designed, and intended to function. It’s not…

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