Episode 45 – “When They See Us”: The Central Park Five, Part I

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In 1989, we didn’t have Netflix. Ava Duvernay was just 17 years old. We didn’t have Twitter. We didn’t have podcasts. We didn’t have The North Star or The Breakdown. And as New York City wrongfully arrested, charged, and convicted 5 young boys (later known as the Central Park 5) for a brutal rape and assault that they had absolutely nothing to do with, so many of the tools that we have today to fight back with just didn’t exist.

We have them now. And today I want to tell you how I think we should use them. I hope you watch “When They See Us” on Netflix – then join our efforts to continue calling for justice for the Central Park 5. It’s never too late to fight for what’s right. And people need to know that when you do us wrong, we won’t go…

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  • jqboughtit

    I’m so glad you brought Ava’s film into The Breakdown. I watched “When They See Us” and couldn’t tear myself away. It is an amazing work. Timely and important. I’m so glad she chose to tell the story of Marci the way she did as well.

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