Episode 40 – Police Murder an Unarmed Kid + Bigots Get Elected Across Europe

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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In October, a teenage boy named Charles Roundtree was shot and killed by police in San Antonio while he sat on the couch watching television. But none of us knew just how bad it was. The police chief lied about the shooting and the city tried to cover it up. But newly released body camera footage shows it’s a cold blooded murder. I’ll have action steps for us to take together.

This weekend, all over Europe, open white supremacists and bigots were elected to national governments. It’s the main story across most of Europe this morning and it should be the main story in the United States. I’ll unpack why it matters so much, tell you who the nefarious man is who is behind so much of it, and I’ll unpack what I think it means for the 2020 presidential elections in the United States.

Let’s dig…

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  • judith.evind

    I called both numbers today, 5/30. (What sounded like pretty) young women took messages. When I asked at each office if they were tallying the number of calls they said no. When I asked if they could guess how many calls they’d gotten they “some” and “a lot.” I asked if a lot meant 20 or 100 and the young woman replied that she could not say.
    I always offer to leave my full name and phone number only the DA took it.

    • judith.evind

      The podcast usually says to tell Shaun what happens when you call – not sure how one is supposed to do that, hence these comments.

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