Episode 38 – Life in Prison for Selling Weed

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that white people are now getting filthy rich off of selling weed. We’re not talking about thousands, or millions, but white people in America are now scheduled to make billions of dollars off of weed this year — including some of the very politicians who wrote and voted for laws sending Black and Brown people to prison for this.

And today I need to tell you the story of one man. And I need you to know his name, remember it, and I need us to help get him out of prison.

His name is Michael Thompson. And in 1994 he sold weed to an undercover informant. He’s been in prison for 25 years ever since. He’s 68 years old now. And has 35 years to go. In other words, he was given a life sentence for selling…

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  • barbaraq_ohio

    This is very important: I wrote to Governor Gretchen Whitmer and this was her reply. There is no current application on file for his clemency; the last one expired. What can we do about this?

    Dear Concerned Citizen,

    Thank you for your correspondence regarding a pardon request for Michael Thompson (DOC #176309) . I appreciate your outreach and the opportunity to respond.

    Individuals who have been convicted of a crime in the state of Michigan may apply for a pardon or commutation of their sentence. While a pardon erases a conviction, a commutation reduces a sentence, but it does not nullify the underlying conviction. Pardons and commutation will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

    Currently, there is no application on file for Mr. Thompson’s clemency. Mr. Thompson was denied a request for clemency under former Governor Rick Snyder in November 2018 and is eligible to reapply in 2020. Should he decide to reapply, please be assured my Administration and I will review his application and act accordingly.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to reach out. Please do not hesitate to contact my office at (517) 335-7858 should you have any questions or concerns.

    Gretchen Whitmer
    Governor of Michigan

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