Episode 37 – Philadelphia Has a New Sheriff in Town

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Hey Everybody!

The City of Philadelphia, which I love, was founded all the way back in 1682. That’s 337 years ago. And in 337 years, the city has never elected a woman as sheriff — until last night when Philadelphia not only elected a Black woman as sheriff. She’s a grassroots activist, a leader in the NAACP, and is ready to transform the entire Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office from the inside out.

Philadelphia’s not perfect, no city is, but today I’ll tell you why I think no city in the nation is doing better at ending mass incarceration.

Let’s dig in.

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In the United States we have nearly 8,000 jails and prisons. We have over a million police officers. We have 2,500 district attorneys – but they oversee tens of thousands of prosecutors.

And all of that to oversee the 11…

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