Episode 36 – Black Trans Women are Being Murdered

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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Hey Everybody!

About a month ago I saw a horrible video that went viral of a group of men in Dallas brutally beating a transgender woman. I didn’t know her name or her story, at the time, but the video was awful. And eventually we learned that the person in that video being beaten by that mob was a 23-year-old transgender woman named Muhlaysia Booker. She spoke out. Yesterday we learned just a month after she was beaten, that she was shot and killed this weekend.

I’m dedicating today’s episode not just to Muhlaysia, but also for us to have a hard, necessary conversation about the epidemic of violence against Black trans women in this country. We must confront it. And it has to stop. We must all check ourselves. Ask if we’re contributing to this problem in any way and make up in our minds that…

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