Episode 35 – Forgive All Student Loan Debt

Shaun King SAVE THIS

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Hey Everybody!

Could you imagine being at your college graduation and the commencement speaker announces that they are going to pay off the student loan debt of every graduating senior? Well that’s just what happened at my alma mater — Morehouse College — this weekend when the richest Black man in America shocked the audience and did just that.

I want to unpack and explain the power of what he did, but then we’ll pivot to the plans that several politicians have released to actually do the same thing for everybody with student loans. It’s an idea that I think we should all get behind and I’ll tell you why.

And I’ll close today with my quick thoughts on Grady Wayne Wilkes. You’ll see his story on the national news, but this morning he shot and injured two police officers and killed another. Of course, he was taken…

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