Episode 28 – Shoot ‘em

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Hey Everybody!

I have 3 news stories to unpack for you today. First, at a Trump rally in Panama City, Florida, a supporter yelled out that they shoot should immigrants. Trump smiled and the people cheered then Trump encouraged it. I’m also going to give you an update on the first victory that we’ve had for our Action Steps for a case in Tennessee. And we’ll close today by exposing the horrible practices happening around the country with kids who can’t afford their school lunch.

Let’s dig in.

This is Shaun King and you are listening to (The Breakdown)!


We don’t talk about Trump much on The Breakdown. Every news station and newspaper in the country has pretty much become a 24/7 outlet for all things Trump — and it’s caused essential stories that need to be told to be missed and underreported.

But last night, Trump held a KKK…

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  • Brandonrwill

    I am about to listen, but man the title and the image don’t go so well together. I have seen outrage on both sides when things are taken out of context and the title, “Shoot’Em” with a picture of the President is a slippery slope that shouldn’t have made it past editing, no matter the underlying story. Things like this can be weaponized against the site.
    For example, a lot of news organizations have a picture of Bernie, followed with a title of “Bernie tells kids about cocaine”. They are using his video archives for gut reaction and I feel like the title/picture of this podcast are doing the same.

    But who cares what I think, this is just me nitpicking. Thanks for the content.

  • destiny.g.houston

    How many immigrants heard this clip? How many children of immigrants heard this clip? How many tears at the border already shed? How much pain this “man” can create in a laugh, in an unsaid word, in a word. I absolutely disagree with the comment above. I care what you think because what others think directly impacts my life and my freedom and my children’s choices. It’s a powerful statement—the title. It’s unafraid and unapologetic and I appreciate it.

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