Episode 26 – What Black Lives Matter Has Accomplished

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Hey everybody! Today is a “good news” episode and I’ve got nothing but good news to share with you. Everywhere I go, I get somebody to try to tell me that the Black Lives Matter Movement hasn’t accomplished anything. And they don’t necessarily mean harm by it, but, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, the media rarely reports good news. So when the movement has a victory or a breakthrough — that story rarely gets told. And the Black Lives Matter Movement has actually had hundreds of victories.

And today I’m going to teach you about how the Black Lives Matter Movement helped pass major legislation in California that really changed the game this week and how they are sponsoring a brand new bill that I think is going to impact police brutality in a major way. And I want all of us to get behind…

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  • gastonmotel

    Outstanding work as always. My wife, an immigrant from Mexico (for whom English is a second language), listened to yesterday’s show about the election process and said, “I can understand every single word. Normally, it’s difficult for me to maintain interest in political-oriented programming, but this man really has a communication gift.” Thank you Shaun.

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