Episode 3: Sent To Prison

Shaun King SAVE THIS

(Transcript and credits below)


Shaun King: It’s Tuesday, April 2nd and today I need to tell you the urgent story of story of Jermaine Anderson – a 43rd year old man who is about to be sent to federal prison any day now for a crime he already served his time for.

I’ll also give you a full download on the important news from Facebook that they are going to institute a full ban on white supremacy and white nationalism, and lastly I need step in and continue to defend Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from attacks coming from both inside and outside of the Democratic Party and explain to you why I think we all need to defend and protect her at all costs.

As everybody else talks about Trump’s latest tweets, the Mueller report, and Jussie Smollett, we’re going in a different direction. We’re not just here to change the news – we’re…

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  • kwbrav

    I’m incredibly impressed about how polished this is coming off the shelf. It’s succinct yet full of great info. Keep up the great work NS team.

  • rsbridgette

    I’m so happy that I am privy to an informative media outlet that captures what I need to hear/know, which is often not shared through other media outlets. I’m so excited about it all and I look forward to reading and listening to both the Podcast and articles. This is really coming together well. Congratulations on being #3 on the Charts across the world, passing Joe Rogan.

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