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NY Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Has Limited Impact for Communities of Color

There’s a lot to applaud about the recent…

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The Tubman Stamp Project Helping to Put Harriet Tubman on $20 Bills

Last month the Trump administration announced that the…

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Racial Discrimination Runs Deep in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry’s racial bias has analysts at…

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The Black Market for Black People’s Phone Data

In a recent New York Times article, Geoffrey…

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People Of Color: The ‘Shadow Workforce’ Behind Big Tech

It’s no secret that big tech companies do…

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The South’s Marijuana ‘Green Rush’ Failing People of Color

From all appearances, it has been a very…

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Wealthy San Francisco Residents Fight Against Homeless Shelter

It’s normal for San Franciscans to become so…

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New York May Put Legal Cannabis on the Back Burner

The New York legislature appears to be choking…

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Oakland Plants Seeds for Community Ownership in Cannabis Industry

The legal marijuana industry’s racial and economic disparities…