Yale University Police Officer Shoots Unarmed Black Woman in the Face

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Yale University (Shutterstock.com).

Two police officers were placed on administrative leave after shooting an unarmed Black woman in a car on April 16.

Stephanie Washington, 22, was shot in the face in New Haven, Connecticut after an officer from the town of Hamden and a Yale University officer fired shots at her boyfriend’s car, ABC News reported.

The shooting occurred early Tuesday morning after Hamden police responded to a call of an attempted robbery at a gas station, authorities told the news station. The red Honda Civic belonging to Washington’s boyfriend, Paul Witherspoon III, matched the description of the car involved in the attempted robbery. 

In a video obtained by WTNH, the officers are seen firing at Witherspoon’s car, with him and Washington inside, on Argyle Street. Neither Witherspoon or Washington was armed, authorities told ABC News. Police initially stated that Witherspoon had stepped out of the vehicle, but the…

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  • Mario Marset

    Thank you for everything that you’re doing! Best, from Mississippi

  • Delores Boudreaux

    How many stories such as these are we going to hear before some positive change happen?

  • maryhowlettbrandon

    I just love that there is an assumption that Black people will trust the results of their “investigation.” …By the same agency that employs the cops, in a country that makes it clear how they feel about Black people, the same country that has demonized Black people and have taught their children to fear us because we are subhuman violent beasts. They are armed to kill us and will always “fear for their lives.”

  • Jermaine

    Witherspoon sounds like a white last namw. This doesn’t seem like a racial issue if so. The officers were investigating a robbery and shot at a white man and a black woman suspected of being involved.

    • Zuri

      That’s a silly assumption. Do you even know who John Witherspoon is? Washington, Franklin and Jefferson would’ve all been considered white surnames too had freed slaves not respected these men for being founders of the country and chosen to take the names for themselves. Think again.

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