Woman Pepper Sprayed in Cuyahoga County Corrections Facility Files Lawsuit

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Surveillance footage capturing the incident. (The Chandra Law Firm LLC / Youtube)

A woman has filed a civil rights complaint against Cuyahoga County and Cuyahoga County Corrections Facility in Cleveland, Ohio after corrections officers reportedly restrained and pepper sprayed her in the face for asking to make a phone call.

The lawsuit was filed by Chantelle Glass and her attorneys from The Chandra Law Firm, LLC. In the lawsuit, Glass says that on July 16, 2018, she was booked into the county jail for an old misdemeanor traffic warrant. Glass, who is a mother of three, states that she repeatedly asked to make a phone call after she was booked into the jail, but corrections officers threatened that she would be restrained and pepper sprayed if she did not stop asking.

Despite their threats, Glass continued to ask for a phone call, the suit states. In videos provided by…

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