White Man Who Called Police on Black Pool Patrons Blames Disability, Gets Evicted

Maria Perez SAVE THIS


A white man who called the police on two different groups of Black women at a Maryland apartment complex is being evicted.

A woman, who WUSA9 identified as Felecia Soso, posted a Twitter thread on June 22 stating that, as she and a few of her friends sat by the pool listening to music and having drinks at the Edition Apartments in Hyattsville, a white man started yelling at one of her friends.

In the first video posted by Soso on Twitter, a Black woman in a yellow bathing suit can be seen talking to a white man who has his phone in her face. The woman calmly speaks to the man, who says that “glassware is not allowed at the pool.” The woman then asks what she can do to make him more comfortable. He responds that he will report her to the apartment complex’s leasing department.


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  • erictedders

    Please follow up on whether Starr-Street is actually diagnosed with autism or if he was using it as an excuse. One of the most popular ways for white supremacists to deflect blame/drum up sympathy is to malign the #ActuallyAutistic community with claims of being one of us. This nets them plausible deniability while simultaneously maligning autistic people, helping to further marginalize us. This man’s behavior is not remotely reflective of autistic behaviors or symptoms, but because of people like him, is conflated to be.

    So please follow up. It’d be great to see him exposed if just to correct the record and clear autism from the conversation about his behavior.

  • amrobin8

    Ditto to what Erictedders said above. I would like to know also.

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