Virginia Theological Seminary designates $1.7 million to pay reparations to descendants of slaves

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Virginia Theological Seminary (Wikimedia Commons)

An Episcopal seminary in Virginia announced that it would pay $1.7 million in reparations for its use of enslaved people to tend its grounds and its participation in segregation.

The Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) announced that it will set aside the funds in an effort to recognize the enslaved people that worked on its campus, the seminary said in a statement on September 5. The seminary, which is located in Alexandria, said it had “participated in segregation” after slavery had ended and “recognizes that we must start to repair the material consequences of our sin in the past.”

In the announcement, the seminary stated the money will be allocated to emerging local congregations connected to the Episcopal seminary; to meet the particular needs of any descendants who worked at the seminary; to contribute to the work of African American alumni with a focus on…

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