Violent Arrest of Black Man in Missouri Goes Viral

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The St. Ann Police Department in Missouri is under fire following a viral video of a detective smashing a car window and violently arresting a Black man. St. Ann’s Police Chief Aaron Jimenez defended the unidentified detective, saying the video actually proved the officer acted professionally.

The video shows a man sitting in the front passenger seat with the window rolled up and his hands in the air. Seconds later, the plainclothes detective moved a uniformed officer away and broke the car window with his forearm.

The unidentified passenger is seen shielding himself from the breaking glass, and then raised his arms again. The officer is seen saying something to the man, to which he responds, “I can’t.” The detective then violently pulls the man out through the window and drags him to the floor.

As the uniformed officer handcuffed the man, a passerby is heard…

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