Utah Mom Demands Investigation After Officer Draws Weapon on Son

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A Utah mother is calling for an independent investigation after a Woods Cross police officer pointed a gun at her Black son’s head on June 6. The boy’s mother, who is white, said the officer was being racist when he confronted the boy at his grandmother’s front yard.

Jerri Hrubes told reporters on June 7 that her son, DJ Hrubes, was playing on his grandmother’s front lawn in West Bountiful, a neighborhood north of Salt Lake City, when he was approached by a white Woods Cross police officer. Jerri said the officer, who has not been identified, told the 10-year-old boy to place his hands in the air and get on the ground, according to the Associated Press (AP).

DJ, who has vision issues and is developmentally delayed, asked the officer if he had done something wrong, only to be told not to ask questions. Jerri said at a…

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One comment

  • dianne.me.daniels

    So was this 10-year old child the same height and body mass of an adult? Is THAT why the “officer” felt justified in drawing his weapon on a CHILD????

    SMDHAngrily – a few seconds later, and that mother might have lost her child. Incomprehensible and Inexcusable. If that “professional” who has undergone training cannot tell the difference between a 10=year old and an adult, he needs to give up the badge and the gun and go elsewhere…far, far, away!

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