Uber Says Executive Pay Will Be Linked to 2022 Diversity Goals

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Uber recently announced that executive compensation will be linked to meeting diversity goals. The ride-hailing company released its diversity report, which revealed that a majority of its staff are white men. 

Uber’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Bo Young Lee wrote that the company has experienced “significant growth” in the percentage of women and minority employees. From 2018, the number of female employees grew 42.3 percent, particularly in tech. The number of Black and Latinx employees also grew by 44.5 and 73.5 percent respectively, the report claimed.

However, Uber has not made much progress in the number of Latinx and Black employees in tech leadership roles. Both stand at 0.8 percent from zero percent the previous year. Overall, Uber’s tech team is only 4.4 percent Latinx, 3.6 percent Black, and 2.7 percent multiracial, TechCrunch reported. 

The company’s worldwide staff population has skyrocketed in the last year. According to CNN…

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