Thou Shalt Not Judge: Donald Trump’s Judicial Legacy

Timothy Welbeck SAVE THIS


Much has been written concerning the impact the political ascension of President Donald Trump has had on the erosion of civility in modern politics, the intensification and centering of white nationalist ideologies, as well as incumbent xenophobia and the racial virulence it foments. This is in addition to the perpetual stream of scandals emanating from the White House has filled pages of news publications and broadcasts over the past two years. One of the understated impacts of the Trump administration is its relentless upheaval of federal courts, and the implications it has on protecting constitutional rights and liberties.

The Trump Administration’s appointment of federal judges has exceeded the pace of the last five presidents, rapidly and radically transforming the federal judiciary. President Trump has appointed more than 25 percent of the judges seated on five of the country’s 12 circuit courts; as of this writing, the…

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  • josheppa

    Excellent commentary. Counting on The North Star to keep us aware and awake.

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