The Tubman Stamp Project Helping to Put Harriet Tubman on $20 Bills

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(Dano Wall /

Last month the Trump administration announced that the new Harriet Tubman $20 bill would be delayed until 2028. The new $20 bill celebrating Tubman’s legacy as an abolitionist, Underground Railroad conductor, and women’s suffrage advocate was supposed to be unveiled in 2020, but the Trump Treasury Department postponed it for eight years citing the implausible argument of “counterfeiting issues.”

Harriet Tubman $20 bills are still appearing anyway. Thanks to an inspired civil disobedience project called the Tubman Stamp, people are buying 3D printed stamps of Harriet Tubman’s face and stamping her likeness over that of Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.  

The North Star tracked down the Harriet Tubman superfan making these stamps: New York graphic designer Dano Wall. Wall designed the stamps in 2017 before the delay was announced. They did not initially take off.

“Until last week I was selling between two to 20 stamps per week, making…

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  • Cinn

    Brilliant!! More content like this please!!!! Different people like different ways to get involved.

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