The North Star: A Tool for Liberation

Keisha N. Blain SAVE THIS

Black Lives Matter protest in Portland, Oregon in 2016 (Diego G. Diaz, Shutterstock).

When Shaun King invited me to join The North Star as Editor in Chief, I could hardly contain my excitement. I thought immediately about the historic significance of the original North Star as a tool for liberation and I reflected on the many ways we could build upon this legacy to address the injustices that plague our society today. At a moment when so many media outlets adopt the “both sides” narrative that inevitably provides a space for many to spew hate, The North Star takes an uncompromising stance against injustice.

Like Frederick Douglass and Martin R. Delany, who established The North Star in 1847, we are unapologetic freedom fighters committed to speaking truth to power at a time when truth appears to be a luxury. Even now during Black History Month, our nation’s leaders propagate lies packaged as “truth”—including the…

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  • m03yisrael

    Yes! Love everything about this. We have to tell our own stories and get the truth out there. We cannot allow ourselves to sit quietly while they villify and criminalize our suffering to assuage their wrong doings. So happy to see this in action.

    • renatehartman

      so true. Speak and describe away – all people of color.

  • jbranic1

    You are amazing, I am looking forward to all that you will bring to The North Star…


    Congratulations on your position, Dr. Blain, and on this article – I am excited to read all that is within The North Star, and to visit the site every day to see the new information.

    You and the rest of the team inspire me!

  • joann8737

    You are awesome! I look forward to hearing the great things you will bring us access to. This paper will show everyone that we indeed can conquer anything or anyone that tries to come against us. I am proud to be a part of this! Long time coming! Let’s not waste a moment .

  • antoinelamond


    Glad to be here to witness history in the making!

  • Keisha N. Blain

    Thank you all for reading and engaging the piece! Much appreciated.

  • jhymanbennett

    This is excellent. Glad to be part of change in action!

  • ashleylynnhampton

    What an excellent introduction to The North Star!

    I’m excited to learn and share our stories to empower, encourage and evolve our people to new heights! ❤️

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