The Daily Chemical Warfare on Black Women’s Bodies

Imani Bashir SAVE THIS

Black woman (Shutterstock)

I was introduced to uterine fibroids through a paternal aunt who had been diagnosed in her late 30s, after trying for some time to have a baby. She sent a mass family email to inform everyone that she would be taking action to get them removed, and hopefully restore her health so that she and her husband could try and conceive. The fibroids were removed, and she recovered just before she received another diagnosis of breast cancer.

She informed us that again she was going to be diligent in taking steps to rid her body of the disease by getting a mastectomy and then going through rounds of radiation. She eventually quit and opted to do high-dose Vitamin C treatment to detox from the radiation. In the process of going through these phases of disease, she had done a lot of research, which she…

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  • marlese carroll

    Black women need to be open to supplements, exercise, eating real organic foods. choosing less household chemical, no dry cleaners, and organic skin care then that will shift. These are all habits in the black community and often my sister friends are cheap about quality and choose cars/ cloths over health.

    • KayTee

      Black women haven’t been taught or exposed to, Proper healthcare and nutrition. Not cheap. We still aren’t given quality care, nor the same or anything close to equal or educated information about medical care. Two women with the same symptoms, one black and one white. The black one will be sent home with a script for Tylenol QID/4 times a day, while the European will receive a diagnostic evaluation , as well as a diagnosis and proper treatment, as well as medications and medical intervention with instructions for preventative care. With No chance of receiving any type of intervention as well as being turned away, for complaining too much about what is seamed as insignificant or erronious complaints. Nothing is fair, in the application of treatment discovered , even with Negto women being the test subjects as well as the Guinea pigs used to determine proper care, and intervention, that they/we are never the recipient of the care we are the products of the medical discoveries. We rarely receive the benefits of, the technology we are subjected to during the testing, evaluation and healthcare advancements until 30 to 100 years later, if ever. Cheapness has no bearing. That comment has racist undertones. Healthcare is provided to all with insurance, on an equal level. Negros with money receive the same substandard care. So Negro, cheapness is not the issue. Unequal negligent European physicians and medical staff application as well as lack of intervention, in the application of medical care to Negros IS the problem. No difference in the request, but a difference in the care given. That’s the only difference. Individuals don’t give themselves improper care, they receive it from improperly trained medical staff who do not apply the care unilaterally to ALL.

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