The Blue Wave in Suburbia Continues, But Will It Be Enough To Win The White House in 2020?

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Suburban voters continue to lean blue, results from Tuesday’s election day show. (Shutterstock)

Republicans suffered humiliating defeats in several states on November 5, losing both houses in Virginia’s state legislature and Kentucky’s gubernatorial race. However, the GOP managed to maintain control of the governor’s mansion in Mississippi, winning by just 5.5 percentage points as compared to 2015, when the current Governor Phil Bryant won by 34.1 points, and made a few legislative gains in New Jersey. 

Democrats, on the other hand, scored a “significant success” on election night, David Gergen, Public Service Professor of Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School, told The North Star, which he believes will likely translate to a boost to the party’s confidence, money coffers and excitement levels.

Gergen, the former White House advisor of Republican and Democratic presidents and current CNN pundit, noted that the election results show that Republicans cannot rely on…

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