Texas Teen with Dreadlocks Becomes Model After Six Flags Denied Him a Job

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Kerion Washington (Instagram).

A teenager who was denied a summer job at Six Flags Over Texas earlier this year is now working on his modeling career.

Kerion Washington, 17, was rejected from a summer job at the theme park in Arlington, Texas in March. He was told that his dreadlocks, which he had been growing out for the last three years, were considered an “extreme hairstyle,” KXAS-TV reported.

“I just don’t even believe it,” the 17-year-old previously told the news station. “That I would have to do that just to work there. They told me that I couldn’t have dreads because it’s more of an extreme hairstyle.”

The teen’s mother, Karis Washington, posted a picture to Facebook of her son in front of the theme park, stating that the human resources supervisor compared his hairstyle to piercings and tattoos. Her post went viral and garnered over 20,000 likes and over…

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  • Chris J

    Jeezis H. Christ. Ridiculous. Plainly, the conservative morons in HR at this theme park were afraid that his ‘extreme’ hairstyle would frighten the white patrons somehow. As IF!! What a horrid world of small-minded people there are in this world.

  • Roberta Fernandez

    This handsome kid will earn a lot more money a model than in any theme park.

  • Leasa Fortune

    …and now this absolutely gorgeous young man he will travel the world and make major bank. Screw a theme park.

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