Texas Mother Says She Was Attacked for Wearing a Hijab At Starbucks

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A Muslim mother claims she was harassed at a Starbucks in Dallas in front of her children for wearing a hijab.

Nur Ashour, a popular food blogger, wrote in a Twitter thread on June 16 that a woman threw things at her and said “horrific things” to her at a coffee shop in Dallas while she was with her young children, who are eight months and three-years-old.

“Today I got harassed by a woman for wearing a hijab. The sad part was it was @Starbucks

and not a single employee or bystander said a word to her,” Ashour wrote. “She threw things in my face and said horrific things. Had the roles been reversed, I guarantee the reactions would have differed.”

Ashour said she was at the chain coffee shop when the woman bumped into her from behind. The mother said she apologized to the woman, but the woman grabbed…

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