Tennessee District Attorney Refuses to Resign Following Anti-Muslim Comments

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Craig Northcott (Facebook).

A district attorney in Tennessee is ignoring calls to resign after making racist comments on Facebook, in which he called the Muslim faith “evil, violent, and against God’s truth.” Coffee County DA Craig Northcott defended his remarks in a defiant statement and cited the Bible.

Northcott’s comments, which were first reported by the blog TNHoller, were made in a public Facebook conversation with Coffee County Young Republicans Chair Daniel Berry. In his original post, Berry asked if it was ever acceptable to stereotype an entire group. He engaged in back and forth with other Facebook users before Northcott chimed in.

“Their belief system is evil, violent, and against God’s truth… they are taught to commit many atrocities in the name of their ‘God’ including pedophilia, beating of their wives, female genital mutilation, and ‘honor’ killings… they are evil because they profess a commitment to…

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