Teen Girl Dies After Fight Outside of Texas Middle School

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Kashala Francis (Facebook).

A 13-year-old girl died on April 24, a few days after she was violently attacked outside of a Texas middle school.

Kashala Francis, 13, was involved in a fight outside of Attucks Middle School in Houston, Texas, on April 18, during which she was punched and kicked in the head multiple times, KTRK reported. The following Sunday, Kashala told her mother she had serious headaches and fell unconscious, according to the news station.

Kashala was rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital and was pronounced dead on Wednesday, Houston Police Department spokesperson Victor Senties told the San Antonio Express-News.

Kashala’s mother, Mamie Jackson, told KTRK that doctors had found a tumor and had also discovered fluid build-up in her daughter’s brain. Jackson learned about the video of the fight while her daughter was on life support and told the news station that if the fight did not happen,…

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  • Historify

    1. There is a part of the law, at least in California, that basically says you take the victim as they come. Even if, for example, she had a blood clot in her brain and their kick burst it, that is still on them.

    2. Poor traumatized kids, all the way around. What leads to such violence and aggression in kids so young? Trauma. What follows something of this magnitude? Trauma.

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