Supreme Court To Hear Case on Racial Discrimination in Cable Television

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The US Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in a $20 billion lawsuit filed by Black media mogul Byron Allen against Comcast. Allen, who owns The Weather Channel and a host of other channels, claims that Comcast is not carrying his channels because of racial discrimination.

Allen has filed lawsuits against two cable companies for refusing to carry the channels his Entertainment Studios Networks (ESN) produces. The media mogul filed the $20 billion lawsuit against Comcast as well as a $10 billion suit against Charter Communications, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Allen’s case against Comcast will be presented to Supreme Court justices on November 13.

Comcast says that its decision not to carry Allen’s channels, which largely focus on comedy, cars, food, and pets, has nothing to do with his race. His channels are carried by Verizon FIOS while the now-merged AT&T and DirecTV distribute them after…

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