Study Finds Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric Negatively Impacting Latinx Peoples’ Health

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Activists signs express support for immigrant community at a rally in Portland, Oregon to protest president Donald Trump’s decision to end DACA. (Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is causing widespread fear and having negative effects on Latinx people’s health, a new study found. 

The survey, which was conducted at three urban California emergency departments, discovered that Trump’s comments made more than 50 percent of Latinx citizens and legal residents, as well as 75 percent of undocumented immigrants feel unsafe. 

Specifically, Trump’s remarks made undocumented immigrants fearful that they would be denied service or be deported after visiting the emergency room. Nearly a fourth of undocumented immigrants (24 percent) surveyed said their fear led them to delay their trip to the emergency room for days. The study also noted that statements from the administration regarding narrowing of asylum eligibility and changing the definition of “public charge” (whether an immigrant…

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