South Dakota City Unveils Statue in Honor of Former President Barack Obama

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Barack Obama at a campaign rally Philadelphia, PA, October 11, 2008 (Shutterstock).

Former President Barack Obama is being honored in Rapid City, South Dakota with a statue . 

The statue of the 44th President of the US was unveiled on July 15 as part of the City of Presidents project, the Rapid City Journal reported. The statue will sit alongside other presidential statues like John F. Kennedy, George Washington, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Franklin D Roosevelt, and many others.

The statue, which was made by sculptor James Van Nuys, depicts Obama waving while holding his daughter Sasha’s hand. Dallerie Davis of the City of Presidents projects told the Rapid City Journal one idea they had was to depict Obama walking and waving across pavers of the names of civil rights leaders, but scrapped the idea because they felt it was boring. 

“But it…

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