Son Begs Father Not to Call 911 and Racially Profile Black Man

Nicole Rojas SAVE THIS

(Wesly Michel/Facebook)

A white man was caught on video calling the police on a Black man who was waiting for his friend outside of a San Francisco building. The son of the man calling the police, who was later identified as YouTube executive Christopher Cukor, begged his father to stop.

Wesly Michel, a software engineer, was waiting for his friend on July 4 when Cukor and his son approached him. In a three-and-a-half-minute long video, Cukor questions Michel and demands that he call his friend on the call box to have them come down to “get you.”

Michel, 35, tells Cukor that he does not have to do that and says to Cukor, “You can just walk away.” Cukor then grabs his phone from his pocket and calls the police. Cukor’s young son begs his father not to call the police on Michel to no avail.

Michel then reminds Cukor…

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