Somalian Woman Makes Her Mark in the Camel Trade

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Somali Traders at Camel Market. (Photo: Dan Giveon / Shutterstock)

Somalia is often viewed through a Western lens as war torn and ravaged. The country experienced a protracted and bloody civil war between the government and Islamist insurgents beginning in 1986 with an estimated death toll up to 1 million people.

But, this is an incomplete view of the nation. In 2012, the successful campaigns to curtail the insurgents led to the establishment of the Federation of Somalia. As part of the aftermath of the civil war, the economy was restructured to focus on livestock. Livestock and currency remittances from the Somali diaspora have since emerged as two of the biggest sectors of the nation’s economy. The return of democracy has also led to the return of Somalis living abroad. One such returnee, Zamzam Yusuf is not only reshaping the livestock industry, but the role of women in…

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