Senator Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan to Close the Wealth Gap for Women of Color

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Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren Campaigns in New Hampshire. (Maverick Pictures/Shutterstock)

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) released a plan as part of her presidential campaign to close the wage gap for women of color and give them a path to leadership positions.

Warren’s plan, which was unveiled in a Medium post on July 5, proposed that if she is elected into office, she would issue a set of executive actions called the Equal Opportunity Executive Order to increase wages for women of color.

“For decades, the government has helped perpetuate the systemic discrimination that has denied women of color equal opportunities,” Warren’s noted. “It’s time for the government to try to right those wrongs — and boost our economy in the process.”

One of the proposed executive actions would deny federal contracts to companies that do not promote diversity or equal pay. The order would also ensure that companies…

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  • shelle

    I really like Warren she has a plan/vision, not just a promise….

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