Revisiting Racism on Campus in John Singleton’s ‘Higher Learning’

Lavelle Porter SAVE THIS

Laurence Fishburne in Higher Learning (John Singleton, Columbia Pictures)

Recently in The North Star, Hasan Kwame Jeffries reflected on the loss of Boyz n the Hood director John Singleton, who passed away from a stroke on April 28 at the young age of 51. Jeffries lauded Singleton’s unflinching portrayals of American violence, writing, “Singleton set out to provide an honest look at what was happening to and in African American communities in order to make America see what it had turned a blind eye toward, and also to make America care.” Singleton’s 1995 college film Higher Learning is another example of his radical honesty and burning desire to make America confront its violent past and present by exploring the campus as a site where many of the country’s problems, including racism, sexism, and violence, are reproduced.  

In my forthcoming book, The Blackademic Life: Academic Fiction, Higher Education,…

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