Resisting the Policing of our Pain

Melina Abdullah SAVE THIS

Mourners at the Staples Center ahead of a memorial for rapper Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles (April 11, 2019. REUTERS/Patrick T. Fallon).

It took me five-and-half days to get to the Marathon Store after Nipsey Hussle’s murder. His death hit me hard. I was blessed to build with him a few times. We weren’t close. I don’t even know if he would remember me. I appreciated some of his music, but the diehard fandom was reserved for my daughters. I’m originally from Oakland, a 20+ year transplant to the Crenshaw District. Maybe it’s the “Tupac of my generation,” assertion that resonates with me (even though there only ever will be one ‘Pac). Something about Nipsey’s spirit, his vision, his work, loomed large, and his murder was the theft, not only of his life, but of the collective soul of my people. 

I learned of Nipsey’s death almost immediately—a…

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  • conflicted21

    If you are black and dont agree with aligning with Ermias’ vision (not bangin) then you dont care about whats best for Black people, as a whole.

  • sepp9

    Way to write, Melina!!! now I just gotta wait for my hair to settle down again….

  • susiepittman

    Thank you for sharing this truth. Without the North Star, I would never have seen the depth of oppressive actions by the police and complicit media.

  • loveme

    Such an accurate and telling recollection of the truth of Nipsey’s passing. There were far too many non-black people in charge of too much surrounding his home-going service and the mourning of the community. The marathon continues but so does the struggle.

  • shakima1008

    Melina, I’m beginning this with a tear falling from my cheek. This is so beautifully versed. Several times I had to pause in reading because the fine downy hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention. I’m sure my adoration and love for Ermias plays a crucial role but your words help channel these mixed emotions I’ve been having since his demise. Thank you.

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