Report Finds LGBTQ Rights Cases Are Stalling Under Education Secretary DeVos

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LGBTQ students who experience discrimination because of their sexual orientation or gender identity are less likely to be protected under the Trump administration’s Education Department, a new report by the liberal think tank Center for American Progress found. 

In a July 29 report, the organization analyzed discrimination complaints based on gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual orientation-related sex stereotyping under Title IX. The new report used the Education Department’s data to analyze how LGBTQ students fared in the first two years of President Donald Trump’s administration. The policy centerfound that the Trump administration was more likely to dismiss claims of discrimination filed by LGBTQ students and less likely than the Obama administration to investigate them. 

Under the Trump administration, complaints were more than nine times less likely to result in schools being required to remedy the reported discrimination. The report found that just 2.4 percent of LGBTQ-related complaints…

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