Rapper ‘Scarface’ Evolves Into Community Servant

Maco L. Faniel SAVE THIS

Brad “Scarface” Jordan (Instagram).

On June 5, 2019, rapper Scarface, whose real name is Brad Jordan, posed a question to his Instagram followers: “Should I run for HOUSTON City Council?” Followers showered his post with almost twenty-seven thousand likes and four thousand supportive comments. Three days later, “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper” again took to social media to say, “It’s official. I’m offering myself for service as the next Houston City Councilmember for District D.”  

With this announcement, the rapper Scarface died and Brad Jordan was reborn. The OG hip-hop diagnostician will now attempt to translate his social commentary to political action in America’s fourth-largest city.

Brad Jordan came of age in the late 1980s in District D’s South Acres neighborhood. He experienced severe anger and depression and was briefly hospitalized following a suicide attempt engendered, in part, by growing up in Houston when the city became an epicenter…

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  • camilledavis29

    People of color must begin to step up in local elections…run for office, support candidates you believe in with your time AND/or money as you are able and VOTE! Vote for everything. Judges, city council, school board, district attorney, dog catcher…these are the elections that have the most impact on our lives –even more so than who is president.

  • Cl’Che’

    I am from SouthPark and as a local music artist here ppl call on us to help promote whatever their doing. So now our musical icon Mr. Scarface is running for a city position in the area HE grew up We should put our efforts into him because no one knows what our communities real struggles are if you never lived here. I believe Brad knows what our communities lack and what’s needed and willing to fight for our ppl to be better and have more that wasn’t given from others before.. Listen to his music! His stories! They dictate the real issues in our community So I say #VoteForBradJordan ~ Ms. Houston Approved

  • Antonio Brown

    Im proud to hear that you are doing something positive mr brad Jordan and behind you 100 percent

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